My Story

Scott McCoy was born in 1970 in Pontiac, Illinois.  Scott and his wife Jennifer have three children and are small business owners.

In 2005, Scott was elected as mayor of Pontiac, Illinois, and served a four-year term as Pontiac’s youngest mayor.  During his term, he lead Pontiac through the flood of 2008, the worst natural disaster in Pontiac’s history.  He also fought then Governor Rod Blagojevich to save the Pontiac Correctional Center from being shuttered.

Notably during his tenure as mayor, Scott actively promoted the newly sprouted tourism industry in Pontiac, Illinois.  With the birth of the Route 66 Hall-of-Fame and Museum, Pontiac began to see tourists from around the world.  In less than ten years, Pontiac went from almost no tourism industry to hosting nearly 20,000 tourists annually.

Scott soon realized many of the greatest destinations and attractions were missed by tourists, either due to time limitations or to not knowing these destinations existed.  In 2012, Scott decided to grab his video camera and create some of the most unique tourist DVD videos ever created.


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