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Wouldn’t it be cool to have Scott visit your tourist attraction, business, or historic site — and have a DVD created about it?!   Yeah, it most certainly would be cool!  Here is how that works…

Submitting Your Location

Scott, The One Guy Tour Guide, is always looking for new and unique destinations.  If you have a location you think Scott should check out, submit it!  It can be any location or attraction.  And, you don’t have to own or operate it personally.  Just click the CONTACT SCOTT link on the main menu and tell Scott all about it.  The more detail you include (like why it’s a great location), the more likely it will make it to the top of Scott’s list.

Types of Locations

Scott is always looking for any type of tourist destination to visit.  Here are just a few examples:

  • Historic Homes & Buildings
  • Historic Landmarks/Monuments/Markers
  • Tourist Attractions
  • Museums (Public & Private)
  • Sculptures and Memorials
  • Unique places such as historic cemeteries, old bridges, abandoned historic buildings, rail road depots, etc.
  • Historic or Classic Restaurants, Businesses, or Manufacturing facilities.
  • Nature preserves and natural structors
  • Route 66 roadside attractions and locations
  • And any other location that is unique, fun, and cool!

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